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Although we hope our web site addressed all of your concerns, we encourage anyone with questions about our services, or those of investigators in general, to call us. If you require assistance outside of Michigan, we can direct you to a reliable, qualified agency in your area. We are available 24 hrs and glad to help.

Your call is strictly confidential and toll free nationwide
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Please Address written correspondence to:
42815 Garfield Road, Suite 208
Clinton Township, MI 48038

If you wish to schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our investigators, please call for directions to our office.

Our Administrative Offices are located in Clinton Township. Many of the service you may need including, background investigations, unlisted or non-published telephone number searches, e-mail tracing, employee and pre-employment screening, asset locate investigations, criminal conviction searches, corporate investigations, video preparation and security camera (CCTV) installations are handled through this location. Our Investigators are located throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. Spousal surveillance and child custody investigations are handled by the investigator closest to area of operation.

If you need assistance in Canada, please contact J.S. Kramer for assistance

Important Information about Investigations:

Although we are among the best in the industry at what we do and are recognized experts in court, we are not magicians. We cannot make things exist that donít. We cannot find out the employer of an unemployed person. We cannot always find everything our clients would like within a limited scope job.

Accordingly, we do no guarantee any outcome on any case.

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